Album title:
"Its a shame that a family can be torn apart by something as simple as a pack of wild dogs."

Track listing:
01. You suck at life...and I'm not talking about the board game. [Lyrics][MP3]
02. The Marlboro Man is a douche bag. [Lyrics]
03. A way to kill old people. [Lyrics]
04. Nice shoes...wanna fuck? [Lyrics]
05. I wish you the best... [Lyrics][MP3]
06. ...and by best I mean worst.
07. Beating a dead horse. [Lyrics]
08. What is this monstrosity?! [Lyrics]
Info: Released in July of 2003 on Hex Records. Recorded at Indie Audio Arts.

Album title:
untitled 3-song cd

Track listing:
01. Bathed in orange. [Lyrics]
02. Score one for Team Bitch. [Lyrics][MP3]
03. Willie Loman. [Lyrics]
Info: Out of print. Self-released in 2002 with help from our friends at Hex Records and ...And Hope To Die Records. 1000 copies were pressed.

Album title:
V/A Mutation comp.

Track listing:
01. Garuda - "Thirteen"
02. The Minor Times - "I Fuck For Money"
03. The Minor Times - "Glass Ceilings"
04. The Abandoned Hearts Club - "Experimenting With Maturity"
05. Enkephalin - "Real Deal Holyfield"
06. Sea of Thousand - "Death-Obsessed Til' Death"
07. Tyranny of Shaw - "Grendel"
08. Tyranny of Shaw - "Lost In Arcadia"
09. Ed Gein - "Beautiful Corpses" [Lyrics]
10. Ed Gein - "The Ever So Familiar Face Of The Devourer" [Lyrics]
Info: Compilation cd released in July of 2003 on Robotic Empire.

unreleased track: Pee Wee Herman/Paul Reubens. [Lyrics][MP3]

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