It's A Shame That A Family Can Be Torn Apart By Something As Simple As A Pack Of Wild Dogs.

Track List:
1. You Suck At Life...And I'm Not Talking About The Board Game.
2. The Marlboro Man is a douche bag.
3. A Way To Kill Old People.
4. Nice Shoes...Wanna Fuck?
5. I Wish You The Best...
6. ...And By Best I Mean Worst.
7. Beating A Dead Horse.
8. What Is This Monstrosity

You Suck At Life...And I'm Not Talking About The Board Game.

You want to see me fail. You want to pump my dreams full of lead and put their blood soaked corpses on public display with a sign around their neck that says "This is what happens when you dont do things our way." But your ways aren't for me. And when you realize you have wasted your life away I'll be there, ready to hang a sign around your neck that says "I suck at life."

The Marlboro Man Is A Douche Bag.
Light up another one, you inconsiderate shit head. You're infringing on my right to breathe clean air. For all of us who like our lungs the way they are; go smoke a shotgun instead.

A Way To Kill Old People.
How could you be content to drift through life never questioning? Sticking your head in the sand whenever you see something you don't like. If you can't see it then its not there right? Age wont make me apathetic. Old ways for old people, new ways for new. This is our way to kill old people. Age wont break me.

Nice Shoes...Wanna Fuck?
Carve another notch in your bedpost, whore. Lay back and tally up the score. Count the number of hearts you've ripped from chests. Then put your pretty eyes to rest. They've had a long day of looking for love in all the wrong places. Putting to much stock in pretty faces. When will you learn there is a difference between lust and love?

I Wish You The Best...
I can see it in your eyes. You've finally learned your lesson. I could forgive and forget. But its to little, to late. I could say "I told you so." But i think a big old "fuck you" is much more appropriate.

Beating A Dead Horse.
She's a dead horse. There's no sense in beating her into the ground. She's a dead horse. Accept it and move on. No matter how many times you kick her in the chest she will not take another breath. And don't let the twitches fool you. It's just nerves, it won't last. There's something newer and better waiting to take her place. But you won't move on. So as you sit here beating a dead horse we'll be riding circles around you.

What Is This Monstrosity?!
We have three choices from here. Evolution, regretion, or stagnation. And I will choose the first. I would rather move on. Because looking backwards is worse than standing still. I will move on. I will take Brody's advice. "You face forward, or you face the possibility of shock and damage."

Label: Hex Records [www.hanginghex.com]
Recorded: at Indie Audio Arts, Syracuse, NY by Jason Randall
Artwork: Aaron Jenkins